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TWE Project showcased at National Clean Energy Summit

Sept. 2, 2011 – TransWest Express LLC was among the clean energy exhibitors at the fourth annual National Clean Energy Summit, convened in Las Vegas on Aug. 30. The event focused on charting the course for the future of energy in America and across the western U.S. – including the need to create a smarter, stronger electric grid.

National Clean Energy Summit

Dozens of people visited the TransWest Express Transmission Project exhibit to learn more about this cost-effective renewable energy solution – a solution that also serves as a strong example of the kind of renewable energy investment America requires. The TWE Project will leverage the region’s best winds, located in Wyoming, to provide 3,000 MW of clean, sustainable energy for utilities and their customers who need it in the Desert Southwest.

Wyoming’s wind power capacity is so great that electricity can be generated in Wyoming and still be very cost-competitive when delivered to California, Nevada and Arizona markets. Planning work by the Western Electricity Coordinating Council has confirmed studies by Western Electric Industry Leaders and National Grid, among others, which estimated that savings for consumers can, over time, tally in the billions. Further, Wyoming’s high-capacity winds blow at the times of the day and the year when utilities see the greatest electrical demand.

Speakers at the daylong event included Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of Energy Dr. Steven Chu, Nevada Senator Harry Reid, and the governors of California, Nevada and Washington. They discussed the importance of clean energy projects and programs as an environmental and economic priority for the country.

For more information about the TWE Project and its environmental and economic benefits, visit www.transwestexpress.net.

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