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TWE Project earns Accepted Rating from WECC

Nov. 17, 2017 – The Western Electricity Coordinating Council has granted an Accepted Rating for the first stage of the TransWest Express Transmission Project, further advancing the 600 kV project in the regional planning and rating process.

The TWE Project Stage 1 is a high-voltage direct current transmission line with an approved capacity of 1,500 MW. The 730-mile line will connect to the existing WECC transmission grid near Rawlins, Wyoming, and Boulder City, Nevada. TransWest Express LLC focused first on achieving this initial 1,500 MW Accepted Rating; it will pursue the TWE Project Stage 2 rating process (up to another 1,500 MW) at a later date.

The three-phase WECC rating process assures that new transmission lines are correctly integrated into the existing electric grid to enhance the overall reliability of the grid. Member utilities across the west provided peer review of multiple technical studies before the Accepted Rating – or "Phase 3 status" – was granted.

With this initial WECC Path Rating secured, and the federal environmental analysis concluded, TransWest is working to complete its remaining permitting, development and pre-construction activities with a goal to have the initial TWE Project in service by 2021. The TWE Project can provide California and Desert Southwest markets with direct, efficient access to geographically diverse renewable energy available in Wyoming, while strengthening the overall Western Interconnection.   

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