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TransWest Express LLC
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The TransWest Express Transmission Project will deliver renewable electricity to homes and businesses while helping strengthen the reliability and capacity of the western electric system. Its construction will generate hundreds of jobs, millions in taxes for local communities and other economic benefits. The project was analyzed by BLM and Western in an Environmental Impact Statement. If you’re interested in sharing your support for this transmission project, please write to:

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Bureau of Land Management,
Wyoming State Office
P.O. Box 20678
Cheyenne, WY 82003

Western Area Power Administration
P.O. Box 281213
Lakewood, CO 80228

Thank you. As our nation grows, so does the need for more electric power.

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"Wyoming is taking center stage in being recognized for its true world-class wind resource potential as an electric energy source. The key to its development remains the construction of major high-voltage transmission lines that must be built to move this sought-after product to market."

- Steve Ellenbecker, former director of governmental and external relations for the Wyoming Infrastructure Authority