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For more information about the TransWest Express Transmission Project, contact us at:
TransWest Express LLC
555 Seventeenth Street, Suite 2400
Denver, CO 80202

1-844-TWE-INFO (893-4636) (project information only)
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Potential vendors and suppliers

If you’re interested in the HVDC terminals construction, please complete this online form.

If you’re interested in the transmission line/AC stations construction, please email your information to Barnard Wilson Joint Venture.

Career inquiries

TransWest is not hiring at this time.
Jobs may be available with contractors working on the TWE Project.

Community and media inquiries

Please contact Kara Choquette, Communications Director.

Crossing licenses and other easement-related inquiries

Please contact TransWest and describe your situation or question; a specialist from the land team will respond.

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"A number of peer-reviewed studies have documented that the aggregate output of wind and solar plants spread over a large geographic area is much less variable than the output of plants clustered into a small area. Thus, a more robust grid can significantly reduce the cost of integrating wind and solar power with the grid by allowing larger power flows between regions as well as making it possible to access renewable resources from a greater diversity of areas."

- AWEA/SEIA Green Power Superhighways report, February 2009